News makes profiles hearable!

Hey! The community needs new features and therefor we proudly present the new playlist function in your profile. With this function your can add sets to your private favorite playlist and play them... ( more )

added 11.06.2009 / tonek2k connects friends!

Hey everybody! We are very glad to present you our new features on You are now able to add people to your friends. With this function it's easier for you to stay up to date and to ge... ( more )

added 20.03.2009 / tonek2k

English version & Tracklist update

We are very happy to let you know, that we launched our english version of yesterday. We have translated the whole system in english and would like to invite international djs to join ou... ( more )

added 04.03.2009 / headski goes online!

The time has come, goes online! is a community for djs and friends of electronic dance music. Djs can publish their own tenminmixes, which are round about 10 minutes lon... ( more )

added 02.03.2009 / headski

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